The English Village

Residential Community of Richmond, VA


Spring Garage Sale: May 12, 2018

By Chris on Friday, May 4 2018

English Village will hold a Garage Sale on Saturday, May 12, 2018. The sale will run from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

The Garage Sale will be in the alley behind English Village (between Grove Avenue and Hanover Avenue). English Village is on Grove Avenue between N. Nansemond and Roseneath.

Come join us to say hello, find a treasure, and enjoy the weekend! We expect to be selling a...

Home for Sale at English Village!

By Chris on Saturday, March 3 2018
3420 Grove Avenue for Sale!

A rarity: a home is for sale in English Village! #3420, a corner unit, has just hit the market.

Tudor Trellis Repair and Design Fabrication

By Chris on Thursday, July 21 2016
English Village of Richmond, VA Tudor Trellis Wood Work

This past April, a storm swept through Richmond with fierce enough winds to take out power to thousands of regional residents. The high winds took trees down in the area, leaving some roads inaccessible. Luckily, English Village saw little damage to our old trees or...

Spring Garage Sale

By Chris on Monday, March 23 2015
Credit: Thanks to for the beautiful English Village photo.

English Village will hold a Garage Sale in the community's circle during June, 2015. Details pending, keep an eye on this post for an update in the coming weeks!

Credit: Thanks to for the beautiful English Village photo.

Architecture Richmond: "The Masterpiece"

By Chris on Monday, July 1 2013

Architecture Richmond has a wonderful write-up related to our English Village design. The article reviews many of the innovative concepts; both physical in the design and material use of the structure - and the social setup of the cooperative, a novel concept at the time.