The English Village

Residential Community of Richmond, VA

Purchasing a Unit

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Information for Mortgage Brokers, Title Companies, and Legal Professionals

Richmond's Assessor's Office provides access to a variety of tools to obtain official information about individual properties based on their address. The property detail search tool is very useful to confirm classification about the English Village property and any individual unit.

Property Classification

The official classification of English Village describes:

Subdivision Name : ENGLISH VILLAGE
Parent Parcel ID:
Assessment Area: 602 - Condos - Central
Property Class: 211 - R Condo Residential 12-49 Unit
Zoning District: R-6 - Residential (Single Family Attached)

The city describes English Village as a Planned Unit Development (PUD):

Property Description 1: ENGLISH VILLAGE PUD

Project Information

English Village was originally founded as a cooperative in the early 20th century, however it is now run as a corporation: English Village Corporation. All lot owners control an equal share of the corporation with an elected internal board that operate the Home Owner's Association (HOA). No other businesses are operated by the HOA. No manufactured homes, timeshares/segmented ownership, or cooperative housing units are located within the project.

Lot owners have access to common areas including the central courtyard. In addition, every lot owner is entitled to access a single detached garage unit which are behind English Village.

Insurance Information

English Village Corporation carries insurance through GLM Insurance Agency, Inc. Individual lots are not covered by English Village's insurance policy.

HOA Fees

A monthly fee of $350.00 is levied against every lot, due on the 1st of every month. This payment is to be made to our accounting firm:

Net 30, Inc.
Attn: English Village Account
8814 Fargo Road, STE #225
Richmond, VA 23229

Fees can also be paid electronically, please contact us to request the transaction information.

The HOA collects no additional fees that are specific to closing on a property in English Village.